Best Tourist Attractions In Mexico

With so much to offer it’s a real challenge to select a list of just the top 10 tourist attractions in Mexico and you can easily understand why more than 20 million people flock to this warm and welcoming country each year. So where to begin? Why not start by casually browsing our list of […]

Trips For Singles Under 30 Years of Age

Cruising is a great vacation option for young adults. Modern cruise ships are active and fun, where nightlife and adventure readily converge — and at palatable pricing, to boot. Younger travelers just need to know which cruise lines and itineraries will draw like-minded (and -aged) passengers There are a few key search parameters 20- and […]


How generations travel? A study by Virtuoso has uncovered how four generations choose to vacation. Virtuoso examined booking data for clients over the last six years, conducted focus groups with its travel advisors and included research from partner Wealth Engine. The results clearly demonstrate how generations travel in their own unique way. Millennials (born 1983-1993) […]

Craziest Westboro Baptist Church Protests

That’s a lot of glitter. Seriously, if monetary worth were measured in glitter, the idiots of the Westboro Baptist Church would have swimming pools of glitter (that’s another measurement of glitter). As crazy as that sounds, it’s nowhere near as insane as the activities and protests of the WBC. From funerals to weddings to concerts, there […]


We never expected thousands of people would download the FREE 40-Day Bible Reading Guide we provided in the first 72 hours.  And to learn how to download a free audiobible. We did receive some pushback. One person wrote to suggest that such a reading plan wasn’t reasonable. He said you’d miss out on the intricacies and details of […]

Bible Reading Plans: All You Need to Know to Start Today

I honestly didn’t think I was capable of sticking with it. But I wanted so badly to read my Bible in a year. So I tossed my fears aside and gave it a try! And, to my absolute astonishment, I completed my yearly Bible reading plan with a few days to spare. This is not […]

Most Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals in Paris

Relics of a Rich Cultural and Spiritual Heritage Paris houses many of history’s more stunning spiritual relics– churches and cathedrals* that stand today as breathtaking testimonials to a complex heritage of Christianity that dominated in Paris from the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Many of these majestic edifices fell into near-ruin […]

Most Beautiful Churches in Spain

The activities around the cathedral played a major role in Europe during the Middle Ages. One legend posits the cathedral was associated with the apostle James whose relics had been brought from Jerusalem by a boat of angels. They were discovered a few centuries later by a hermit, Pelagius, and the place became a sacred […]

Types of People According to Faith

The 3 types of people according to faith Ordinary(natural) people Carnal (fleshly) people, and Spiritual people Let us look at each type separately; Natural (ordinary) people Ordinary people are people with no faith in the word; the faithless. Characteristics of ordinary people Everything to them happens ordinarily or naturally. They call occurrences; luck, accidents and other […]