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Craziest Westboro Baptist Church Protests

That’s a lot of glitter. Seriously, if monetary worth were measured in glitter, the idiots of the Westboro Baptist Church would have swimming pools of glitter (that’s another measurement of glitter). As crazy as that sounds, it’s nowhere near as insane as the activities and protests of the WBC. From funerals to weddings to concerts, there […]


We never expected thousands of people would download the FREE 40-Day Bible Reading Guide we provided in the first 72 hours.  And to learn how to download a free audiobible. We did receive some pushback. One person wrote to suggest that such a reading plan wasn’t reasonable. He said you’d miss out on the intricacies and details of […]

Bible Reading Plans: All You Need to Know to Start Today

I honestly didn’t think I was capable of sticking with it. But I wanted so badly to read my Bible in a year. So I tossed my fears aside and gave it a try! And, to my absolute astonishment, I completed my yearly Bible reading plan with a few days to spare. This is not […]